Science Project Conclusion

Conclusion and Evaluation:

A conclusion statement answers the following seven questions in at least three paragraphs.

I. First Paragraph: Introduction

1. What was investigated?

      1. Describe the problem.
      2. Was the hypothesis supported by the data?
      3. Compare your actual result to the expected result (either from the literature, textbook, or your hypothesis).
      4. Include a valid conclusion that relates to the initial problem or hypothesis.
      5. What were your major findings?
      6. Did the findings support or not support the hypothesis as the solution to the restated problem?
      7. Calculate the percentage error from the expected value.
 II. Middle Paragraphs: These paragraphs answer question 4 and discuss the major findings of the experiment, using data.

  III. Last Paragraph: Conclusion

      1. What possible explanations can you offer for your findings?
      2. Evaluate your method.
      3. State any assumptions that were made which may affect the result.
      4. What recommendations do you have for further study and for improving the experiment?
      5. Comment on the limitations of the method chosen.
      6. Suggest how the method chosen could be improved to obtain more accurate and reliable results.
      7. What are some possible applications of the experiment?
      8. How can this experiment or the findings of this experiment be used in the real world for the benefit of society?


      1. How did your findings compare with other researchers?
      2. Compare your result to other students’ results in the class.
      3. The body paragraphs support the introductory paragraph by elaborating on the different pieces of information that were collected as data that either supported or did not support the original hypothesis.
      4. Each finding needs its own sentence and relates back to supporting or not supporting the hypothesis.
      5. The number of body paragraphs you have will depend on how many different types of data were collected. They will always refer back to the findings in the first paragraph.